Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ooh wow honey, look at that beautiful carnivorous plant!

As I posted on another blog, venus flytraps are not just really cool to have around the house, they can also look quite pretty (definitely a plus for the lady of the house!). It's for some reason not very well known that venus flytraps are flowering plants (the name sundew has nothing to do with melons, that's honeydew!), and make beautiful small delicate flowers.

I've dug up some nice pictures from the web. The first one shows the bud of a venus flytrap

This second picture (sorry it's a bit grainy) shows some fully formed flytrap flowers

Ooh, Blogger now lets me upload images too :)

[edit: Ok one of the pictures can't be found any more, so I've put a different one up]


  • Yes, the flowers of the venus fly traps are beautiful!

    Have you ever had any luck collecting seeds from your fly traps? Or sundews for that matter?

    By Blogger Nelumbo, at 12:17 AM  

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